I have long been fascinated by the curative power of touch. But it wasn’t until I was in my early 30s, and could hardly get out of bed one morning with intense back and neck pain, that I actually sought out chiropractic care and massage. That first experience of healing touch put me on a path to learn how to heal and how to help others find relief from life’s stresses.

I am not one who goes on blind faith. Being a doubting Thomas has served me well in my search for effective tools to help the body find its balance. In massage school and beyond, my doubts were dispelled as I saw the power of touch make a true difference again and again, whether the work was energetic or structural. I learned to listen to the body. I believe we have been endowed with the power to heal — a power that works based on appropriate nutrition, skilled touch and attention to supporting vibrant energy in each person.

It is my intention to listen to each client’s needs with the full expectation that the work we enter into together will make a difference for better health and well being.

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